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Kit and Natalie

Mediumship and Akashic Record Readings

Customer and Student Testimonials

"Kit and Natalie are the real deal! They are fantastic mediums and equally great teachers! I have been taking classes with them for a while, and can say if you are interested at all in mediumship, then this duo can open up that door for you!"

- Maureen T., Spring Hill FL

"Kit and Natalie Mitchell have had a major impact on my life, Their "evidential" style of mediumship will blow you away....All the more so when they show you that you can do it as well. They are engaging, knowledgeable, and have a teaching style that will allow you to connect with Spirit the very first time you choose to stand in front of the class.

They won't force you, but they will gently push you as far as you want to go in building your psychic and mediumship skills. Whether you've only heard about these topics or have been studying and practicing them for years, Kit and Nat have something of value to teach you. They have become friends as well as mentors, and I'm very grateful for their presence in my life. One word of warning - You had better enjoy laughing and having a good time while you learn!"

- Nan Falk, Tampa Bay area, FL

I have had a reading from Kit and Natalie on separate occasions and their evidence is astounding, as well as reassuring in the love from the other side. I have found them to be honest and genuine in appreciating what your loved ones want to say and getting their message to you, with love and laughter. The laughter that they both bring breaks the ice and relaxing you and this is an important part about being open to spirit and they do this with ease of years of practice and a love of what they do.

Allison Lugg, Derby, England

"Within minutes of meeting Kit & Natalie I was eager to get off my tush and start learning! I joined their very next class. After, 10 months of training I was a working Medium! They were so encouraging, supportive and with all that humor thrown in, I couldn't resist! You will just love meeting them. Wonderful energy and very entertaining!"

Cat Belk, Tampa, FL

"I first met Kit and Natalie at a small Spiritualist church in a village called Midway. I sat at the front with 2 friends, Kit was on the rostrum and Natalie was doing Spirit drawings. Kit came to me and asked if he could ask me a question. My reply was yes, and he asked me why it wasn't me up there, as I had the ability and I got my gift from my grandmother on my mother's side . He told me she used to read tea leaves, which I vaguely remember as she passed when I was young. Since then I found out my great-grandmother also read tea leaves. Some time passed and I got an invite to their development circle, which I continued to attend until their departure to the States...which was the State's gain and England's loss. Kit and Natalie helped me forward, made me work, and gave me the confidence I needed. I miss them both, as I need a push now and again. I feel they will help a lot of people develop their gifts, find their paths, explain their dreams, and answer their questions, as they have for me"

Ian Barrsby, Woodsville, England

"Kit and Natalie are so talented, knowledgeable & FUN!!! As a professional psychic I have attended their Psychic and Mediumship Development classes and I was challenged and impressed with their class!! Kit is always happy, fun, and full of information! Natalie is so professional and knowledgeable! Kit & Nat thank you for all your contributions to mediumship!"

Michelle, Dunedin FL

“What a fun weekend! Thank you so much for this wonderful experience. The instruction, information, guidance and energy were invaluable. Your warmth and down to earth approachability helped me to stay in my heart all weekend. Your humor was contagious and helped me to stay Light. Your insightfulness helped to keep me open to finding out where my information was coming from, rather than shutting down. I think I get it now to trust the information rather than seek to be validated. I am eager to practice this new style. My friends are eager to give me the opportunity! Thank you, both, for the very fast weekend. When we began, you were consciously unknown to me. By the time we finished I felt like I was hugging (from the HEART) dear friends.”

Mary, Pittsburg, PA

“You both gave me wonderful insight and encouragement today. You helped me understand where I am in my art process and why. I also thought it rather amazing it may have been Gracie who came through. I couldn’t resist sending you a photo of the painting of her Bonaventure Cemetery statue. Although her hair in the statue depiction wasn’t tied back I have a strong feeling it was the little girl who lived in a Savannah hotel many years ago.” 

Carol, Doyalstown, PA

"[Susan] Thanks again for organizing the mediumship workshop last weekend. Isn’t it wonderful how the Universe works! All that stress when Deb and Paul had to cancel at the last minute and I can’t imagine that you could have found more wonderful teachers to fill in than Natalie and Kit. Wow, it couldn’t have worked out better. They even gave a reading to my husband who’s the biggest skeptic going and made him happy. I’m sure I’m speaking for most (if not everyone) in the class when I say it would be great to have them back sometime."  

Peggy, Doyalstown, PA

"Great job in Kissimmee yesterday guys. Nat's talk was inspiring, your messages were spot on and the workshop was DA Bomb! Seriously, one of the best workshops we have attended in a while.” 

Gary Cobb, Lakeland, FL

“She [Natalie] made the information [Master Energy Colour Healing] understandable and answered all the questions very well. I loved that we got to put the information and techniques we learned immediately into action by practicing on each other numerous times throughout the weekend. Natalie also did the healing on us and did three meditations that we could feel on such a deep level. I can’t wait to incorporate this healing modality into my spiritual tool box and provide it to my clients!”

Charlotte, Tampa, FL.

“Thank you so very, very much! I will take the advice that you gave me through my husband. You really made me feel so much better, as you are a real medium!! My spirit you have lifted. Thank You! Take care.” 

Denise, Dunedin Fl

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