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Kit and Natalie

Mediumship and Akashic Record Readings

Reiki Master Attunement & Certification

TIME: 10:30 AM - 4:00 PM

LOCATION: 4908 N. Highland Ave. Tampa, Fl 33603

COST: $135.00

The purpose of this workshop is two-fold: to initiate you as a Reiki Master (level three) and to teach you how to attune other healers to Reiki levels one and two. Here we use the term ‘master’ in a rather loose sense, since you should not consider yourself to be a true Reiki master until you are completely at ease with all aspects of Reiki and have gained considerable experience in attuning others.

Your initiation introduces the concepts of master lineage, connectedness and guided meditation, though the bulk of the initiation to master level lies with the introduction of the attunement symbols since we use these for attunements at all levels. The teaching symbol, Dai Koo Myo, receives particular attention since this is the master empowerment symbol.

The bulk of the workshop is about learning and carrying out the attunement process: both in general terms and at each of the three levels. The main workshop text contains sample outlines for class initiations and the accompanying resource pack contains actual activity programmes showing approximate timings along with any materials required.  

Class Description

  • Introduction
  • History of our Lineage
  • Creating the Circle
  • Circle Meditation
  • Course Preparation
  • Practical Considerations
  • Teaching Symbol — Dai Koo Myo
  • Attunement Process
  • First Degree Attunement
  • Second Degree Attunement
  • Third Degree Attunement
  • Mistakes during Attunement
  • Sample First Degree Class Outline
  • Sample Second Degree Class Outline
  • Guidelines for 21 day Integration Period

Upon completion of the course you will receive a Reiki Master Certificate in the Usui System of Natural Healing.

We will be holding a lunch break for about an hour if you would like to bring lunch with you to eat here.

Contact Us via Email or by Phone to Reserve Your Space: [email protected] or at 813-451-5969. 

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