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Kit and Natalie

Mediumship and Akashic Record Readings

Reiki Level II Attunement & Certification

TIME: 10:30 AM - 4:00 PM

LOCATION: 4908 N. Highland Ave. Tampa, Fl 33603

COST: $135.00

Welcome to your level-two Reiki workshop. Level-two reiki ‘builds’ on the procedures and techniques established in level-one.

With level-two reiki, the focus moves away from the ‘physical’, and concentrates instead on the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the healing system. After an introduction to some powerful reiki symbols and following further attunements to enhance your reiki energy, you will learn several powerful reiki techniques including distant healing, space healing, and mental and emotional healing. Distant healing is applicable to distant times as well as distant places; space healing generally applies to inanimate objects – typically rooms and buildings; and mental and emotional healing introduces the aura, the etheric body, the metaphysical body and the concept of self-scanning.

The Reiki Level II Attunement opens your Reiki pathway, allowing more Reiki to easily flow through you. Upon completion of this course, you will be a certified Usui Reiki Level II Practitioner.  

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Class Description

  • Receive a 32 page Reiki II Manual
  • Draw the symbols and write the names of the symbols for the instructor. Give the meaning (power ) of each symbol.
  • Review the use and power of each symbol.
  • Receive second attunement.
  • Experience the increased flow of the Reiki by placing the symbols into your body.
  • Discuss how Reiki has to be brought into the physical before it can be used.
  • Learn the step by step formula of using the symbols in sending Reiki long distance.
  • Practice sending absentee Reiki.
  • Learn how to use as a focusing tool for distance healing.
  • Question/Answer Period
Upon completion of the course you will receive a Reiki Level II Certificate in the Usui System of Natural Healing.

We will be holding a lunch break for about an hour if you would like to bring lunch with you to eat here.

Contact us via Email or by Phone to Reserve Your Space: [email protected] or at 813-451-5969.