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Kit and Natalie

Mediumship and Akashic Record Readings

Meet Kit and Natalie

Many people ask, what is the difference between a demonstration and an individual reading? What is one-to-one healing or intuitive coaching? How do business readings differ from personal readings? And can you tell me my future?

Mediums are trained to blend their energy with the spirit world and respectfully provide these spirits with a voice so that they may communicate messages to their loved ones. Psychic readings are done from your auric field and your energy is read in present-time. In other words, we are looking at what you are attracting to yourself and the experiences you are having, but the future is flexible and pliable. Everyone has free will to change their mind and as a result, change their experience of the future.

Readings are a great way to receive a healing on your life. Some people are afraid we are going to "read their mind," see bad thoughts, or tell them horrible things are in their future. This is not the case.

What you will receive is a neutral, objective perspective on situations and conditions that you may be too close to for you to perceive clearly. Or a message from a loved one who wants to communicate with you. A reading is a great way to put your life in perspective. People report after a reading feeling more relaxed, clear-minded, and validated.

A demonstration of mediumship is an event where a medium is in front of a group of people, usually on stage or platform, to randomly provide short (five to ten minute) readings for several of the audience members. These demonstrations are usually held during church services or dedicated evenings. An individual or private reading is in a more intimate setting and often one-on-one with a medium and/or psychic. These readings are usually either 30 or 60 minutes long.

Business readings differ from individual readings because the medium and/or psychic will read the energy around the business and the team. This is a key area for us based on our strong business background. Natalie also runs seminars and workshops with various size companies. She trains their employees to work from their own intuitive place not just from their business mind.

Today more than ever, businesses need to have a competitive edge. And with the onslaught of technology and data now available to companies, large and small, that edge rests within the company's employees. The workshops are designed to increase the individuals potential, which allows both that individual and the company to flourish.

Intuitive Coaching is a working relationship that gives you the ability to see and become your authentic self. You then take the steps to become that amazing being, leading to a more fulfilled life both personally and professionally. As an intuitive coach, Kit and Natalie hold that sacred space for you. They only has your best interest at heart and together you create an environment for you to achieve your dreams, goals and/or organize your priorities. Working with Kit or Natalie in this was is a longer commitment.

Our business is based on the belief that our customers' needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.